Course Outline


This course is intended for instructional coaches, educational technologists, teacher leaders, campus leaders, librarians and district leaders. Over the course of the three days, attendees will witness 1:1 iPads in action in a variety of environments and build a toolkit of resources and design an action plan for next steps for their district/campus. Besides the site visits, we also dedicate time to reflection & goal setting as well as several brain breaks throughout the 3 days that can be incorporated into the classroom.

Course Outline:

Day 1: (8:30-4:00)

  • Culture of Learning
  • “Yes, And”….
  • Site Visits to see 1:1 in action
  • APPiteasers
  • SAMR & TPACK models in Education
  • Reflection and Requests

Day 2: (9:00-5:30)

  • Day #2 Site Visits
  • Student Panel
  • Lunch and Learn by Nearpod
  • Garageband Poetry Slam
  • The APPMazing Race begins!
  • Teacher Panel

Day 3: (8:00-3:30)

  • Visit to Apple Store for VIP hands-on training
  • App Speed dating
  • The APPmazing Race ends
  • Final Project in Book Creator
  • Action & Goal setting
  • Creating a take-away for your campus/district and staying connected

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